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Auto locksmith for the most stubborn doors


If your car’s door is stuck, then call a professional auto locksmith, instead of turning to YouTube for a DIY solution. No matter where you are or how desperate the situation seems, we can help you!



When do you need a professional auto locksmith?



A certified car locksmith is needed when the car’s door is closed, and you can’t get in. It can happen to everyone. Either you’ve lost your keys, you have left the key inside the car, the remote control’s battery is dead, or the key has got damaged. There can be countless reasons why you might not be able to open your car’s door, but the only solution is a professional car locksmith!



Professional auto locksmith – why choose us?



With over 6,000 successfully opened doors behind us, we can guarantee 100% non-destructive results. With 12 years of experience and a wide network of satisfied customers, you can be sure that we are the right choice.

We provide the fastest service in the entire country. We are on-site within 30 minutes in the capital, and you can call us anywhere in Hungary. Our colleagues will be wherever they are needed ASAP! You don’t have to worry about lengthy paperwork; within a few minutes, you will be in your car and on your way. Sometimes good work doesn’t require much time. The workflow doesn’t last long, the results will!



How else can we help you?



If you need additional help, we can also provide the following:

  • We can repair remote controls on-site. We can also replace the battery and programming it is not a problem either.
  • If you’ve lost your only key and you don’t want it to happen ever again, we can produce car key copies too.
  • If your car needs a jump-start, we can do it with our special battery.
  • You don’t need to worry about paper-based invoices either as we can just do it online.
  • If you don’t have cash on you, that’s not a problem either as we offer credit card payment options too.


How can we get to you?



If you need our help, you just need to give us some basic information:

  • Call and give us your exact address or location!
  • Share the details: brand, car type, release date and what symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Prepare some documents to confirm that the car belongs to you. Whether the document is online or offline doesn’t matter.

Save our number now and you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems anymore!

+36 20 575- 15- 95

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