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Car locksmith

Professional car locksmith service – if the key is stuck, or the doors won’t open, call us for help!

Dénes Szabó

Car locksmith expert

Car locksmith service, car opening in a few minutes

Autó ajtónyitás Budapest, Szabó Dénes által

Lost the key? Locked yourself out of the car? Lock broken? Remote not responding? Battery dead?

I can open your car with no damages!

It is a pity, when the car doesn’t open, and you can’t use your own vehicle. If only you had a fairy godmother, or a lamp with a Genie, who would solve the problem in minutes!

Well, we can’t offer fairy tales, but thanks to years of professional experience and special tool kits, we can open your car with no damage!

It doesn’t matter if the lock’s broken, you’ve lost the key, or the battery is dead. Give us a call, we’ll be there in an hour (in Budapest), and we will grant you a wish: open the car.

Save our number now, and call us if you need a professional car locksmith:

Why don’t your doors open?

There can be a trouble with the key or the remote. Maybe the battery is dead, or the lock itself has some issues. The death of the car’s battery can cause this side effect too.

Car lock opening in minutes

Under no circumstances should you try to open the car, unless you are a locksmith expert.

Don’t force the doors, stop hitting the remote, don’t even touch the locks or the windows. Whatever causes the problem, you will need a professional car locksmith who will carefully open the doors with special tools but without any damages.

Why call us, when you need a professional car locksmith?

We can also help you with other issues:

Call us, and we’ll be there in an hour!

We provide locksmith services everywhere in the country, but it may take more time to get to the countryside

How to avoid the same problem in the future?

There may be many signs of key or lock damages before the disaster happens. If you pay attention to these things and bring the car to us from time to time, regular maintenance can prevent it getting stuck at the worst moment. 

However, there are many situations that you can’t be prepared for. The keys can get stolen or an older car’s lock can suddenly fail. If you save our number now and dial us immediately in such cases, it can save you a lot of time!

Save our number now, and don’t worry about your car lock:


Professional car locksmith services with no damages

Opening German cars through the keyhole

(Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Vw, Bentley)

A professional solution!

What happens when you call us for help?

  1. First, we will ask you about the details, e.g. the type of the car, the year of the production, the symptoms of the problem
  2. Then we will give you a price estimation, and will also tell you how much time we need to get there
  3. Me or my colleague will go there to help you. If you cancel the call after 5 minutes, you will need to pay 5.000 HUF+VAT as a drop-off fee. 
  4. If you are not around the car when we get there, we will call you
  5. We will check your papers (ID, driving license, etc.)
  6. We will open your car with the most delicate method without any damages
  7. If you have any other issues, we will solve them too: fix the remote, re-program the immobiliser, etc.
  8. You will get the invoice
  9. You will arrange the payment (cash, credit card or instant transfer are all accepted)
  10. Everybody will be happy!

No matter how it’s closed, we will open it without any damages!

Hívj most! 06 20 575-15-95